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Welcome to Curvy Ventures

Be Your Biggest Fan

Imagine being your own biggest fan – appreciating yourself for who you are & not being hard on yourself for everything that you’re not. You’re the only person who can give yourself fulfillment and happiness.

Plus Size Fashion

Style has nothing to do with a size. It’s not about what size you wear but how you wear your size. Sexy is a mindstate. EveryBODY is beautiful.

Honor Your Curves

If you talk down to yourself about being plus size, others will too. Acceptance starts with yourself. Praise your body every single day. Embrace your curves .Love every flaw, stretch mark, roll, and inch of who you are.

Large Lavish Life

It’s a wild and wonderful world. Follow your heart and let the adventures unfold. Be Free. Never stop exploring. Make unforgettable memories. Live your life to the fullest at any size.


About Us

Curvy Ventures is dedicated to empowering the Plus Size Community. Our company relates to travel, events, parties with a great emphasis on acceptance. We want to bring awareness to society that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Our goal is to create new friendships, help people embrace their curves and LIVE life to it’s fullest potential.



  • BBW Bashes
  • Plus Size Group Vacation Trips
  • Monthly Size Acceptance Parties in South Florida

See what people are saying about us

  • I am excited to see the movement and the growth. Feeling accepted somewhere it is super important and you guys do that

    – Alisha A.

  • I love that Curvy Ventures supports plus size people and gives them a place to feel loved, build self-esteem and show off there size with no-one one to judge the way they look

    – Reashina W.

  • I love the no judgment zone where we are free to be ourselves

    – Stacy H.

  • A group of strangers becoming friends we laugh, talk, and party together. I love this group no judging just be yourself. Building self confidence and total acceptance and respect from both men and women. Keep it up everyone!

    – Gabriella J.