Curvy Ventures | Curvy Ventures 1st Annual Summer Bash

Curvy Ventures 1st Annual Summer Bash

Curvy Ventures 1st Annual Summer Bash

Posted by Maria Giugno in Blog 20 Aug 2018

In conjunction with #TalkAboutItTuesday, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane. And at the same time, give you some insight into how I became affiliated with and started supporting the BBW/BHM community.

My first ever bash was hosted by BBW Blowout in Dayton, Ohio back in 2006. My best friend started following the group on Yahoo and heard about this event. So, after some convincing, I decided, why not? I was so incredibly nervous! When we arrived, we were met by so much A) love and appreciation…the other attendees knew us from our communication on the boards, B) confidence…never in my life had I seen so many big and beautiful women in one place and completely comfortable in their skin, C) FUN! The DJ was poolside, the music was loud and upbeat, and EVERYONE was smiling! The environment, the mood, the vibe…it was all contagious! And those nerves I had? GONE! Completely gone! This experience ultimately led to me becoming involved in an administrative role with the group who hosted the event. This led to me traveling to bashes in Atlanta and Cocoa Beach and networking with other people of size and making life long friends along the way.

In the process of relocating from Ohio to South Florida, I began to look for more opportunities to network and make local friends. In June, I found out a friend of mine was going to be in Ft Lauderdale to attend a bash being thrown by none other than Curvy Ventures. I was excited to reconnect with this person, as way too much had passed since the last time our paths had crossed. I was equally excited to be back on the scene so to speak.


I woke up on Saturday morning, packed a cooler with poolside essentials (beer & tequila) and drove south to Ft Lauderdale. When I arrived, I was greeted by smiling faces, hugs and laughter. Very reminiscent of my first bash, which also coincidentally took place in June, 12 years prior. But let me tell you what made THIS bash different…rather than a venue full of veterans, there were new faces around every corner. People who traveled near and far to experience a welcoming venue and hostesses. To be a part of a true size acceptance event.


After some day drinking, AMAZING food catered by the lovely hostesses family (think, sausage & peppers, penne alla vodka, and sooooo many other treats), water volleyball, music and so many laughs, we headed back to our rooms, and got ready for the dance that night. The dance was luau themed! When we walked through the door, the Curvy Ventures team met us with smiling faces and leis! We danced the night away!


What an uplifting weekend! Surrounded by like minded people in a welcoming and inviting atmosphere!

If you weren’t at the event, don’t despair, there is another coming! Curvy Ventures turns 1 in September!!!! We are gonna pop bottles and turn up as we celebrate a year in the body positivity movement! Will there be a smash cake? Come celebrate with us to find out!!!!!


Like the idea of the Summer Bash? You can join us in 2019! Early Bird Registration is happening now!!! Click the link to register and pay for the 2019 Summer Bash


Miz Cook

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