Curvy Ventures | Testimonial


I love that Curvy Ventures celebrated everything curvy! Such a positive environment to grow in as a community

-Nancy N.

The thing that I love about Curvy ventures is its broad vision for total size Acceptance. No matter what size you are. We live in a society where everyone is so pressured to "look" a certain way or Ur not acceptable in anyone's circle. That being fat or overweight dismisses u totally as actually being a human being, one that has a mind, a heart, spirit and soul. The outer appearance is what Ur judged on and I'm very happy to be a part of a very positive movement that accepts everyone! Ur in a circle and amongst a family of individuals that keep u motivated and encouraged to brace your curves, love WHO U ARE, and don't be afraid to show the world who u r that Ur more than "fat", that fat is what u have its not who you are! When yr accepted for who you are u don't have the anxiety of pretending to be someone else just to get liked. Curvy ventures owners know what the bbw needs and they suit that with their social events and parties that welcome us all. When u come to a curvy ventures event you can be yourself, no judgements. Also for me personally I can say being a part of this movement gas encouraged me to move forward with my own goals and dreams that I've out aside for years now. Curvy ventures does play an intrigal role in the bbw community. I feel that south FL has yet to see what an impact it's going to have on the bbw community and society as well. I love u guys!! All I can say to south FL is look out, it's our time to shine baby and these babies are BIG N BRIGHT!

-Mircle B. 

What I love about curvy Ventures is that I get to spend time with a group of people who are not worried about how big I am. I enjoy the vibe and think we have a great group going!

-Kat M

I am excited to see the movement and the growth. Feeling accepted somewhere it is super important and you guys do that.

- Alisha A.

A group of strangers becoming friends we laugh, talk, and party together. I love this group no judging just be yourself. Building self confidence and total acceptance and respect from both men and women. Keep it up everyone!

- Gabriella J.

I love that Curvy Ventures supports plus size people and gives them a place to feel loved, build self-esteem and show off there size with no-one one to judge the way they look.

- Reashina W.

I love the no judgment zone where we are free to be ourselves.

- Stacy H.