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Meet Curvy Ventures

Curvy Ventures was founded in July 2017 and headquartered in sunny South Florida, it’s also one of the newest companies to join the growing Plus Size industry. Curvy Ventures is dedicated to empowering the Plus Size Community by adding new and exciting adventures to their members lives while creating unforgettable memories and helping them feel accepted, loved and appreciated in society.

Our Mission

The company aims to help motivate, uplift and empower the curvy community by hosting parties, trips and events. We want people to understand that beauty is not only about being comfortable in your own skin, it's also about knowing and accepting who you are!

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Maria Giugno

Founder/ Owner

Maria is a Voluptuous Plus Size Italian American beauty with a killer smile and a warm heart. She's got sass and a bubbly personality that wins everybody over.  Maria’s love for the Plus Size Community, expertise in travel and passion for event planning led to her creation of Curvy Ventures. This endeavor is her passion and she hopes that it will help propel the body positive movement in South Florida to new heights. Her motto: Live Life to its fullest potential!

Juan Garcia

Co- Founder/ Owner

Juan is a Big Handsome Man with loads of Puerto Rican SWAG and a New York State of mind. He’s a huge believer that size does not define you and the BHM should be just as confident when they walk out the door. He’s an activist and supporter of the body positive movement. 

Nancy Nawaz

Team member/ Curvy Blogger

Nancy aka Gordita Feliz living life to the fullest, making my jewelry, being a mom, road tripping and never slowing down! Latina living in the Magic City trying to survive on humor and beer while writing about everything. 
IG: Gorditafeliz411

Stacey Cook aka Miz Cook

Team member/ Curvy Blogger

Stacey has been a part of the BBW/PS Community for over 10 years and she is incredibly excited to be a part of the Curvy Ventures movement. One that we can all take pride in! Stacey's moto is "We are fat and you better believe, we are FABULOUS!!!! "

IG & Snapchat: Miz_Cook